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PADTHAI or previously known as “KUAY TIEW PHAD”. PADTHAI was created in World War II during the time whencountry suffered a demand shortage. Under government of prime minister Pleak Phibunsongkhram. He thought highly of the nationalism and wanted to create a traditional food. Due to the high cost of rice production during the War, the prime minister encouraged people to eat noodle instead by creating domestic demand and using raw ingredients produced in the country. Thus, KUAY TIEW PHAD was created at that time. As time passed, people called this dish “PADTHAI”. Due to the unique taste and the popularity of PADTHAI became widespread until now. “Thipsamai Padthai Pratoopee” is the oldest Padthai restaurant in Thailand which has started its legendary reputation before the World War II. Thipsamai’s Padthai is originated upon a commitment to preserve the original Padthai’s recipe. We are the first one who created Padthai Sen-Chan with shrimp oil, deep sea prawns and wrapping egg (Superb Padthai) which has the unique taste and finest selected ingredients. The story

began when Ms. Samai was a young girl. She followed her mother to the Phasi Charoen Canal and helped her to sell Thai food and dessert on a boat along the canal. In this regard, Ms. Samai had a chance to learn how to cook many recipes including PADTHAI. As time passed, Ms. Samai fell in love andgot married with Mr. Chote. After marriage, the fishing business of Mr. Chote suffered a loss and needed to shut down. However, they had started a new business which was the first PADTHAI stall in the capital located at PRA-TOO-PEE intersection. The stall was setup onto a footpath, and they open every night with only a small charcoal stove and some old tables. In a short time, they could achieve a good sale until one day, the prime minister, Pleak Phibunsongkhram came with a great reputation and gave a compliment that “Padthai Pratoopee is the true and authentic taste of PADTHAI”. Since 1966 “Thipsamai Padthai Pratoopee” has been created as the name of the restaurant. Thipsamai’s Padthai has been well accepted in the unique and delicious taste by customers. One day Mrs. Samai became ill then Mr. Chote needed to take care of business alone because Mr.Chote was getting old, so it was hard for him to take care of the restaurant and also the economic bubble era had an effect on business. After that, Dr. Sikarachat Baisamut who is the current owner of the “Thipsamai Padthai Pratoopee” (Mrs. Samai and

Mr. Chote’s son), with an effort, Dr. Sikarachat can turn crisis into opportunity and bring in many improvements especially performance of manpower that cleanness and ethical behavior are necessary. Dr. Sikarachat also emphasizes the original recipe which selected high quality of the raw ingredients. Furthermore, he has promoted customers to stand in row in order to easy to arrangement and reduce lead time. As a result, Thipsamai Restaurant can stand out again until now. Currently, “Thipsamai Padthai Pratoopee” is widely accepted by both local and international customers, gourmets, and media. Since, Dr. Sikarachat has the strong intention to distribute the Thai culture and the authentic Padthai to all people around the world, and then he has created Thipsamai Padthai Sauce (Classic recipe, Shrimp oil recipe, and Vegetarian recipe) following his concept of “the customers could easily cook Padthai at home but the taste is exactly the same as having Padthai at Thipsamai Padthai Pratoopee Restaurant”.

The first…The only one… The ultimate of PADTHAI…“THIPSAMAI PADTHAI PRATOOPEE”

The History of Thipsamai